Order Management

There’s several things you’ll need to do with every order, and all the tools you need are in the order-detail view. Status: By default all new orders will have a status of ‘On hold’. This is because customers may or may not ever actually ship their products to you. When you receive their product, you


Make sure to turn on ‘Enable auto-updates’ for Gyta BuyBack. Two reasons for this: Bug Fixes & New Features. Bug Fixes: Let’s say EasyPost changes the way their API works. If you have automatic updates enabled, you’ll get the update right away and your customers will have a minimal impact. If you have to wait


The most important setup task you can do for your store before publicly launching it is to test it. Thoroughly. My strong recommendation is to have WordPress open in one browser and then use a completely separate browser to test your site from a customers perspective. For example, if you use Chrome for your day-to-day

Product Setup

Products -> All Products The first time you go to the product list, you should see a screen similar to the screenshot above. Go ahead and click on ‘Create Product’. In this example, I’m creating an iPhone 11 64GB. Notice in the screenshot above how I’m pointing out the Category selection (based on Product Category

Product Attributes

Products -> Attributes Attributes are how we’ll create consistent product variations later in the process. In my example of running a cell phone buyback store, I’m going to create attributes of Carrier and Condition. In the screenshot above, I’m creating the ‘Carrier’ condition. Once you’ve created the attribute, click on ‘Configure terms’ to be able

Product Categories

Products -> Categories Adding product categories can help you organize products in your shop. You can set up your categories any way you want, I will just detail one possible example here. In the screenshot above, I’ve already created the parent Category ‘Samsung’ and I’m in the middle of creating the sub-category, ‘Galaxy’ with Samsung

Gyta BuyBack Settings

Mailing Address: This is the address you want EasyPost to use for your shipping. Make sure it is accurate! State or Province Abbreviation: Please enter the 2-character abbreviation. For example, Texas is TX. Checkout Options: I recommend Billing details replacement and Remove company name for all installations. Billing details is not an accurate way to

Emails Settings

Click on ‘Order-on-hold’. There’s a small change we need to make there. I recommend changing the ‘Additional content’ to something like “Remember to pack your items carefully!”. Gyta BuyBack has a built-in template that overrides this WooCommerce template that makes it more appropriate for a BuyBack store. By default when orders are created, they’re placed

Accounts & Privacy Settings

I recommend changing a lot of settings here. WooCommerce makes the process of setting up an account super-smooth and we’re going to take advantage of that. Guest checkout: Turn off “Allow customers to place orders without an account”. Turn on “Allow customers to log into an existing account during checkout”. Account creation: Enable all of

Payment Settings

You’ll notice several payment options at the bottom of the list that are associated with “Trade-In”. These were added by the Gyta BuyBack plugin. These let you get the information on how to pay the customer after the order is received and reviewed by you. It’s one of the key components of how Gyta BuyBack