I recommend changing a lot of settings here. WooCommerce makes the process of setting up an account super-smooth and we’re going to take advantage of that.

Guest checkout: Turn off “Allow customers to place orders without an account”. Turn on “Allow customers to log into an existing account during checkout”.

Account creation: Enable all of the checkboxes in this section.

With the changes to the sections above, it lets users place orders without any friction. After the order is created, WooCommerce will automatically create an account for them and set a password on their behalf. The huge advantage of this is that they then have an account where they can see their order status as well as see their order history. Customers will receive an email that looks similar to the one below. The store name will of course be replaced with your store name.

Account erasure requests: I recommend enabling these options. If people want to have their data removed, I believe they should have that right.

Personal data removal: Same as account erasure requests.

You’ll want to review the remaining settings on this page and set them as you see fit.

Make sure to Save Changes!