Click on ‘Order-on-hold’. There’s a small change we need to make there.

I recommend changing the ‘Additional content’ to something like “Remember to pack your items carefully!”.

Gyta BuyBack has a built-in template that overrides this WooCommerce template that makes it more appropriate for a BuyBack store. By default when orders are created, they’re placed ‘on-hold’, essentially waiting for the product to arrive at your location. The screenshot below shows what the customer will receive after placing an order.

The comment about packing the item carefully appears at the bottom of the email. This is, of course, just an example, and will be branded with your store name and colors and such.

Speaking of branding emails, go back to the Emails tab and scroll down. There you can set a header image, colors, footer text, etc., as you see fit for your branding. Make sure to Save Changes!