You’ll notice several payment options at the bottom of the list that are associated with “Trade-In”. These were added by the Gyta BuyBack plugin. These let you get the information on how to pay the customer after the order is received and reviewed by you. It’s one of the key components of how Gyta BuyBack changes WooCommerce: instead of requiring payment up front for products, it gathers information for you to be able to pay customers after receiving their products.

There are currently five options, two of which are enabled by default. There may be additional methods or changes in the future.

PayPal: This is the most popular way of being paid for trade-ins. I highly recommend leaving this enabled.

Check: Plain old snail-mail checks. Enabled by default.

Zelle: Bank-to-bank transfers. Not as popular, but you might wish to enable this method.

Venmo: Popular for peer-to-peer transfers.

Interac e-Transfer: Currently popular in Canada. Recommended for that market.

All of these payment methods will gather information if needed (for example, an email address or phone number) and display that information later on the administration order-view.

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