Shop Pages

Add to cart behavior: My recommendation is to enable ‘Redirect to the cart page after successful submission’. I find that the subtle ‘item added to cart’ leaves users confused. Redirecting them to the cart shows them clearly what is going on and how they can continue on the checkout process.

Weight unit: Change this to your local unit of measurement.

Dimension unit: Change this to your local unit of measurement.


I suggest disabling reviews for a BuyBack store. They don’t make logical sense.

Save Changes!

Let’s move on to the next sub-item within Products, “Inventory”:

Manage Stock: Disable this option

Out of stock visibility: Disable this option

Stock Display Format: Never show quantity remaining in stock

The reason for disabling these features is because you are not selling inventory, you’re buying it. As such, inventory management display to the public isn’t applicable.

No changes need to be made to the ‘Downloadable products’ tab because those do not apply to a BuyBack store.