Do you run a buyback business?

Get a fully-functional trade-in website where you can buy phones, tablets, or anything else!

What is Gyta BuyBack?

Gyta BuyBack is a plugin that extends WooCommerce’s functionality. WooCommerce is great at handling normal shops where the customer is buying something from the shop owner. For Trade-in and BuyBack companies, the process is reversed! The customer sells something to the shop owner.

How does it work?

Gyta BuyBack changes how WooCommerce works. It adds new payment methods that are reversed so you’re paying the customer instead of the customer paying you. It also automatically creates shipping labels so your customers can send their products to you.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! All information about your business is stored on your web server. Gyta BuyBack does not make “calls home” or backdoors into your installation.

Your data stays with you.

Yes! You can define your products, categories, attributes, variations, etc., any way you want.

Gyta is integrated with EasyPost. You can set up EasyPost to use USPS, UPS, FedEx, CanadaPost, and a whole array of other shipping carriers.

Absolutely! Gyta works within WooCommerce and WordPress. These are highly-customizable products. Many changes you can make yourself. There’s a zillion themes in the marketplace to choose from (both paid and free), or you can always bring on your own custom designer.

Consumer Benefits

Get cash for unwanted devices

Easy, self-guided process to create orders

Recycle used electronics

Environmentally friendly option

Technology Benefits

Tested and proven WordPress + WooCommerce platform

Fully customizable system

Integrated Plugin, does not require external SaaS for core buyback function

Merchant Benefits

Add any number of products and variations

Set pricing for each product and variation for maximum profit

Automatic shipping label generation

Robust Support & Documentation

Create Your BuyBack Store

Zero risk free trial