Mailing Address: This is the address you want EasyPost to use for your shipping. Make sure it is accurate!

State or Province Abbreviation: Please enter the 2-character abbreviation. For example, Texas is TX.

Checkout Options: I recommend Billing details replacement and Remove company name for all installations.

Billing details is not an accurate way to identify what is actually contact information when working on a BuyBack site. This change will modify the labeling.

I recommend removing the company name from the contact information section. One less field will help conversion ratios, even if it is just a little bit.

Customer Order Approval: This should be used on sites where the average buyback order is large and/or complicated. This will enable features in Gyta BuyBack that allow you to send emails to the customer asking them to approve any changes you’ve made to their order before sending payment.

Variable Product Fields: I recommend checking all of these options.

This feature will hide fields that you likely don’t need to see or have in your way while you’re editing product variations. This makes it easier to see and work with the fields you do need. The fields are only hidden on the administration page and these settings have no effect on what is displayed to the public on your public pages.

EasyPost: Remember the API Keys we fetched earlier? Here’s where they’ll be used.

API Key: I recommend using your Test API Key to do a whole bunch of testing before actually launching your store. When you’re ready to launch to the public, then enter your production API Key.

Preferred Shipping Service: You can select from a variety of options for how you would like packages to be sent to you by default. If that carrier and shipping method is available given the addresses and weight of the package, then Gyta BuyBack plugin will select it for you. If it is not available, then Gyta BuyBack will choose the least expensive shipping option that is available.

Email Content:

Local Drop Off Instructions: If you choose to offer local pickup shipping options, this text will be display on the order-completed page and the order-confirmation email.

Order Completed: I recommend setting text that reads something like this:

Thanks for selling to [my store name here]! Your payment has been sent and you should already have notifications for electronic payment methods. Checks are mailed out each business day.

Make sure to Save changes!